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Autumn in Rimini is an authentic discovery! The sultriness of summer gives way to the crisp September air, the colours of autumn tint the parks and tree-lined avenues, and new energy is restored. It is the perfect time to get on your bike and ride along the new promenade, or get on your rollerblades and enjoy the 15 km of coastline for a workout, accompanied by the smell of the sea.

Visit the city with its museums, from Fellini to contemporary art. The streets of the old town and its hidden treasures, the frescoes of the 14th-century Rimini school, and find yourself following unusual itineraries to discover modern art and graffiti. Stop at the Square on the Water to admire the two-thousand-year-old bridge and rest at its splendid view.

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Rimini in autumn is also about discovering the countryside. This is the ideal weather to take part in a trek along the Conca and Marecchia Valley paths accompanied by expert guides to discover the nature of this area. It is the time to taste the products of the countryside, wine, new oil, chestnuts, honey, truffles and then the tradition of the “sfossatura” (di fossa cheese making) that is celebrated every year on 14 November, St. Catherine’s Day.
This is the period of the festivals that take us to the villages to discover authentic flavours and with them we encounter the treasures of the territory: fortresses, castles and medieval villages rich in history and hidden treasures: Verucchio, San Leo, Santagata, Montebello, Pennabilli. And many other places that take on a new charm with autumn.

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