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Bridge of Tiberius, protagonist in Rimini for 2000 years.

In 2021 the majestic Roman bridge, built between 14 and 21 A.D., celebrates its 2,000th birthday!

The monument of Rimini with most Instagram pictures had its first stone placed during Augustus’ empire and, after seven years of work, its construction was finished in 21 A.D. by his stepson Emperor Tiberius, as commemorated by a double inscription along the bridge parapets.

The celebration will take place in July 2021 during the “Festival del Mondo Antico” (Festival of the Ancient World), an important city fair full of cultural events: three days of conferences, meetings and shows in the most iconic places of the city, starting on July 23rd.
Rimini è bella

The Bridge of Tiberius this year has joined the list of the top 15 most beautiful historical bridges around the world according to “Dove Viaggi”, the travel website of the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”. The bimillenary bridge has been defined as one of the most important Roman masterpieces in Italy.

It is probably for this reason that the bridge is one of the most loved places by Rimini citizens and not only them, still able to give emotions to lucky visitors with its long 2000 years old story. You will enjoy a better view of the bridge especially in the evening, while watching the sunset or sipping a glass of wine during a delicious aperitif.

The bridge overlooks a large green park, known as Parco 25 Aprile, the lung of the city, where you can find: fitness areas, dog areas and children’s playgrounds. The park also contains an interesting archeological area where both adults and children can learn more about the history of the Roman bridge.

A must-see stop nowadays is the new Piazza sull’acqua, a square overlooking the body of water, which offers a wonderful view of the arches and a pedestrian walk at the water’s edge. It is a recently requalified area able to host important events surrounded by an extraordinary natural scenery.

A floating walkway, in addition, connects the right dock with the left dock of the old port, in front of the amazing Bridge of Tiberius.

Experience the yoga atmosphere near the bridge:

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