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Fluxo - Outdoor Training
Giulietta and Federico. Fellini's walk
Aviation Museum
Rimini Style Card
Oil Mill Experience
Strange appearances in Rimini and surroundings
Rimini City Tour - The Treasures of Rimini
Fellini: "I never thought I’d become an adjective"
Rimini Country Card
Experience In The Winery
San Valentino Tasting - The best Italian wines
Wine and stories of past times
Open air training with Elen
Made in family wine: a DOP tasting
Rent a bike
Sup surf and windsurf rental
The discovery of Saffron
A breakfast with Federico
The Spa of the sea! Openday Riminiterme
MaraMia wine experience
Eat, drink and taste
Tasting and visit among vineyeards, olive trees, animals and trails
Surf, sup and windsurfing school
Fluxo - Fit with Personal Trainer
Salt crystals - Rimini Terme
Cooking class Piada
Gradara... a magical experience
Snorkeling at the Baia degli Angeli
Archeology in San Leo - Exclusive trekking
Cooking class with the “Azdora”
Two Ghibellines in Casteldelci: Dante and Uguccione della Faggiola
Dante's Onferno
Dive in the pyramids area
RiminiTerme: Wellness on the Adriatic Sea
Bike Tour - Dante’s routes from Rimini to Verucchio
Bike Tour - Along the via Aretina
Bike Tour - Terre Malatestiane Off Road
Dive to the wreck "Paguro"
Bike Tour - Extreme hills of Rimini
Bike Tour - Villa Verucchio Off-Road
Bike Tour - Night on the hill
Grand Hotel: at dinner with Federico
Bike Tour - Along the ancient Via Flaminia
Bike Tour - Along the ancient via Emilia
Bike Tour – Along the via Popilia
Bike Tour - Dante’s routes from Rimini to Gradara
Scuba Diving at the Shipwreck Cargo Anni
Motorbike Tour: High Valmarecchia Experience
Motorbike Tour: Valconca Experience
Academy Experience: learning how to ride a motorcycle
The sea in freedom. Rubber dinghy rental
Sailing in a private boat
"I saw things that you inhabitants of Rimini..." A sunrise at the bridge
“Notturno d'arte” (art by night) tour
The open gaze to infinity, sunrise tour
The Night in San Bartolo
In the center with the Lilliput train
The Barfum beauty picnic
Private Tour: Rimini and its History
The Roman Rimini Bike Tour
A Night in Gemmano - Trekking
Mysterious Santarcangelo
Romagna in a village
Romantic picnic at sunset
Santarcangelo Slow
Cooking in Rimini
From "zero to Z'dora": fresh pasta in Romagna
Travelling with the great poet (Sacred Hermitage La Verna)- 2 days
Diving on the "Island of Roses"
Panoramic Bike Nic
Tourtasting Bike tour
Tour of the Castles Bike Tour
Rimini City Tour - Ritratti al femminile
The "Fish trading Market": an unusual dawn
Rimini City Tour - Cycling between villas and old holiday camps
InsoliTouRimini: an inusual tour of Rimini
Italia in Miniatura
Rimini City Tour: Amarcord places and memories of Fellini's imagination