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Biennale Disegno Rimini

from 04/05/2024 to 28/07/2024

After Covid-19, the Rimini Design Biennial is back with its fourth edition, organized and curated by the Department of Culture and the Municipal Museums of Rimini, which will take place between spring and summer 2024.
From the City Museum to the Gambalunga Library, from Palazzo del Fulgor to Castel Sismondo, the artistic itinerary extends across the city through the consolidated format of institutional exhibitions and the Open Circuit that embraces public and private spaces.

There are 12 exhibitions that show 1,000 drawings from international institutions such as the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid and the Fonds Regionale d’Art Contemporain de Picardie, as well as private collections such as the Studiolo Rivi. The exhibition features a wide range of drawings, from Felice Giani’s travel notebooks to Lorenzo Mattotti’s works, including Piranesi’s etchings and Thayaht’s Novecento, from Morandi to Fontana and Fautrier, from the Carteles of Cuban cinema to the drawings of the first Italian animated film ‘The Rose of Baghdad’, to the contemporary artists on show in the Drawing Yard.

The main theme of this year is the “Return to travel” that is not only considered as a result or inspiration, but also as recording and contamination from the past to the present. It does not only celebrate the artists creations during the recent pause, but also explores the concept of the journey during the years: their experiences, education, and the desire of knowledge. The theme includes different declinations: from the simple everyday journey with the dog to the evocation of exodus and forced displacement.

The journey does not stop here: meetings with specialists, scientists and journalists, conferences, art talk performances and educational workshops will enrich the experience, making it a journey within a journey, an exploration of the imagination that embraces transformation and welcomes the soul of Rimini, a city always ready to transform and inspire.

Where: Rimini
When: From 4 May to 28 July 2024

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