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Paolo Marzocchi


The Galli Theatre is pleased to present “Paolo Marzocchi”, one of the greatest Italian musicologists and popularizers, who arrives on stage for an extraordinary evening of music and culture on November 11, 2023 at 21:00.

On this evening, Marzocchi will lead us to discover the wonderful world of classical music, through a conversation dedicated to the great composers of the past. In particular, he will talk about two musical masterpieces, the Biber and the Beethoven, and will guide us to the discovery of Concerto n. 0, one of the most fascinating works of classical music.

Thanks to his vast knowledge and his ability to involve the public, Paolo Marzocchi will lead us on a journey to discover classical music, making this event a unique and unforgettable experience.

Admission to the event is completely free until all available seats are exhausted, without reservation. Do not miss the opportunity to attend this extraordinary evening of musical culture and discover the charm of classical music together with Paolo Marzocchi at the Galli Theatre, in Piazza Cavour. We are waiting for you!


Where: Galli Theatre, Piazza Cavour

When: 11 November 2023

Opening hours: 21:00

Admission: free subject to availability, without reservation

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