Say Rimini and SMILE!

Grand Hotel: at dinner with Federico
Federico Fellini loved to repeat that "The Grand Hotel was the  fairy tale of richness, luxury and oriental splendor ". He was able to  transform it , from time to time, into an exotic and adventurous place, in the magical summer nights of his youth and his dreams.
The “Federico Dishes” are also dedicated to the director, a reinterpretation by the chef of the Grand Hotel in Rimini of the great classic  Italian cuisine. Like the 8 and ½ risotto for example, a refined and precious recipe, or like the fish soup that remembers so much what Federico loved.

Fee: € 75 per person excluding drinks
When:  every day on request
Time: 8pm
Where: Grand Hotel Rimini Parco Federico Fellini
Only on reservation
from 75,00 €
Ask for information
  • Dinner at the table with Federico by Grand Hotel
  • Fish dinner
  • Drinks not included
  • Elegant clothing, men are not allowed in shorts