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From bees... to honey
But how do bees make honey?
Honey is a precious and little known food. Many of us consume it, but few know the various stages of the journey that brought on our table the beautiful jar filled with this sweet substance.
We know that it is produced by the bees inside their little houses, the hives, but often our knowledge stops here. Maybe we know some of its beneficial properties or how to best use it in the kitchen, but if we are asked how bees make honey we can not answer.
But how do bees make honey?
This visit will explain the fantastic world of our beloved bees, their importance and the stages of their natural life, the threats and dangers they face every day.
The course continues in the laboratory for the demonstration (according to the availability of the season) of the processing of the main product of bees, namely honey.
The visit ends with the tasting of different types of honey to discover and understand the different flavors and its characteristics.

Price: € 25 per person - € 15 children up to 14 years
When: from May to September
Time: 09.30 am
Where: Apicoltura PulaRivi of Pennabilli Via Tre Genghe
Persons: minimum 2 persons maximum 5
Language: Italian, English
from 25,00 €
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  • Experience by AgriturismoZafferano
  • Duration : 3 hours between apiary, laboratory and tasting
  • Important: report any allergies to bee bites and food allergies
  • Honey available depending on the season: acacia (May June) chestnut (June July) wildflower (July August) ivy (August September)
  • Transport not included
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended