Say Rimini and SMILE!

Dive in the pyramids area

Did you know that in Miramare there are the "Pyramids"?
Just 3 miles from the coast, what was a place designed for the reproduction of mussels has become a beautiful diving site. Here you can find almost all species of flora and fauna present in the northern Adriatic. Made up of blocks of reinforced concrete recall the shape of the Mayan pyramids from which they take their name.
With a little attention we can observe some very small violet nudibranchs called pink flabelline and eggs of gattuccio and squid. There are mussels and oysters, anemones and sea tomatoes, cerianthus, ophiums and hydrozoa that provide shelter to small fish such as gobies and drooling. Near the concrete blocks you can see mullet, bream, boghe, corvine and castagnole.

Price: € 55 per person
When: on request
Time: 12 p.m.
Where: Rimini - San Giuliano Mare
Participants: minimum 8 people


55,00 €

Patent Scuba Diver - Open Water Diver or equivalent required
Including Cylinders and Leads
Essential Gloves and Boots
Full equipment rental: € 35
Minimum depth 6 metres - Maximum depth 13 metres
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