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Cooking Class with Piadina

lf you say "piadina" you say Romagna! It is certainly no coincidence that the piadina is the heart of Romagna cuisine: making it is an art. Rimini’s piadina is typically thin and has also received the PGI mark to distinguish it from the many versions present throughout Romagna.
During this cooking class the Azdora (“goodwife/housewife” in Romagna dialect) will teach you how to prepare the real piadina of Romagna that you can taste with salami, salads or with Squacquerone cheese and rocket. Don’t forget to taste the savory variant of the classic piadina: the cassone that you can stuff with a lot of ingredients: mozzarella cheese, tomato, baked ham, mushrooms and so on! All accompanied by typical local wines and the traditional music: the liscio (ballroom dance)!
To end the cooking class in the best possible way, a special dinner is waiting for you! During the dinner you will taste the piadina handmade by you!

Price: € 55 per person
When: every Thursday till September. Friday and Saturday from October till April
Time: 4 p.m.
Where: Santarcangelo di Romagna
Participantsminimum 2 people
Languages: Italian, English
55,00 €

Transport not included (you can reach the town by bus n.9 from Rimini train station)
Tasting session with piadina, salami, local cheeses, typical desserts and local wines
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