Say Rimini and SMILE!

The Barfum beauty picnic

On Thursdays at the Piazza sull'Acqua of the Ponte di Tiberio, in Borgo San Giuliano, Barfum, the first "street beauty" place, proposes the beauty basket, a sort of picnic for up to eight people.
In the basket you will be able to find everything you need for a personalised facial treatment, accompanied by a surprise aperitif made with the gourmands of the Borgo's restaurants. In addition to this, it will be possible to taste Barfum's selection of niche perfumes by smell. The perfume of the day will be paired with a wine selected by the Biberius wine shop.
Barfum will take you into the world of the world's best noses, turning an encounter into a unique experience.

Price: € 25 per person
When: every Thursday from May to September
Time: from 6.30 pm
Where: Barfum Via Ortaggi, 11 San Giuliano Borgo
Participants: maximum 8 people
25,00 €
Ask for information
+39 054151441