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Diving on the "Island of Roses"

In July 2009 the Dive Planet finds the remains of the famous "Isola delle Rose", just on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the sinking, and now it is their diving site.
The proposed dive is suitable for all given the maximum depth of 12 meters. rich in biology and microbiology that can be found among the various remains of the structures.
You reach this site in just 7 minutes of navigation!
The island of the Roses was the name given to an artificial platform of 400 m² that stood in the Adriatic Sea at 11,612 km off the coast of the province of Forlì and 500 meters outside the Italian territorial waters; built by the Bolognese engineer Giorgio Rosa, On 1 May 1968, it declared itself an independent state. The Isle of Roses, while giving itself an official language (Esperanto), a government, a coin and a postal issue, was never formally recognized by any country in the world as an independent nation. Occupied by the police on 26 June 1968 and subjected to a naval blockade, Isola delle Rose was demolished in February 1969.
In 2019 the actor "Leonardo Lidi" was sent by Cinecittà to Dive Planet to obtain the underwater license that will allow him to shoot some scenes of the famous film "The Incredible History of the Island of Roses" on Netflix.

Price: € 55 per person
When: every Saturday and Sunday from June to September
Time: 12.00 noon
Where: Rimini - San Giuliano Mare
Participants: minimum 8 people
55,00 €

Patent required
Including Cylinders and Leads
Essential Gloves and Boots
Full equipment rental: € 35
Minimum depth 6 metres - Maximum depth 12 metres
Ask for information
+39 054151441