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Rimini City Tour - Cycling between villas and old holiday camps

An exciting bike tour among Art Nouveau villas and historic holiday camps, in which we will cover almost seven kilometres of coastline from Viale Principe Amedeo to the Colonia Novarese.
We will be able to admire historic villas (marvels of the period between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in the crossroads of Rimini's seaside area, little known to the public and characterised by frescoed interiors) such as Villa Baldini and Villa Solinas.
This will be followed by a visit from the outside to Villino Cacciaguerra (Embassy) and then on to the old holiday camps: the Bolognese, Forlivese and Novarese.
The latter are symbols of the avant-garde architecture of the Thirties, when they were at their most prosperous, as they were intended by the Fascist regime to accommodate children and adolescents for play and recreation.
The holiday camps in Rimini and on the Romagna Riviera are the cornerstone of the development of tourism in Romagna, so much so that they were responsible for allowing several generations of Italians to "discover the sea".

Guided tour with own bike.
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Guided tour by VisitRimini and Guidopolis
By bike (own bike)
Duration: about 2 hours