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Hiking in Rimini

If you love hiking, in Rimini there is an extraordinary hinterland that extends beyond its beautiful beaches and sea!
The province of Rimini is full of characteristic medieval villages, historical castles, monasteries, churches and breathtaking panoramic views, all to be discovered with wonderful walks in the hinterland, just a few minutes from the city of Rimini.

Day hikes and trips

Among the many hiking trails, there are excursions that can be made in one day. And if you wish to make your walks even more fun, you can plan them with groups of friends for a pleasant stay in Rimini, booking a hotel on www.visitrimini.com.

Hiking activities

Rimini hinterland is the ideal place for adventurous and fun hiking activities.
There are many possible itineraries to follow on foot, the existing hiking network, alpine club trails or on paths and tracks managed by local institutions. VisitRimini can organize for you tailor-made excursions and hikes, according to your level of difficulty and needs, in cooperation with Treknauti environmental hiking guides.

Percorsi di trekking a San Leo, San Leo, in provincia di Rimini in Emilia-Romagna

Uno dei suggestivi punti panoramici del percorso trekking a San Leo in provincia di Rimini in Emilia-Romagna

Twelve hiking routes in Rimini and its beautiful hinterland in a breathtaking scenery

  1. Hiking from Rimini to the Valmarecchia through archaeological sites
  2. Sant’Agata Feltria, a crossroads of spirituality
  3. Hiking and tasting along the river Ariminus
  4. The Simone and Simoncello Park – natural reserve
  5. Hiking in Rimini in Valconca
  6. Evening excursion in the Marano Valley
  7. Castle to Castle, Mondaino and Cerreto in comparison
  8. Hiking across Mondaino, Saludecio and Cerreto
  9. The caves of Onferno
  10. The Regional Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo
  11. Urban hiking in Rimini
  12. The Caves of Onferno

Hiking from Rimini to Valmarecchia through archeological sites

There are many archeological hiking trails in Valmarecchia to choose from. For example, “Archeological San Leo”, is a hiking path which allows to live an adventure like Indiana Jones in one of the most suggestive places in Rimini hinterland. Experience a guided tour with a “treasure hunt” along the valley near the river Marecchia, guided by the archeologist Gae who will accompany you to discover the mysterious rock paintings, carvings, and “sacrificial areas” found in the town of San Leo.

This exclusive hiking trail will lead you first to Tausano, a place characterized by wonderful natural scenery and geological caves. Along the path, you will find prehistoric signs of human presence in the territory, then you will continue towards the monastery of Sant’Igne, a very spiritual location. The excursions end with a sightseeing tour of San Leo town center, where you can visit the archeological urban park.

Hiking trail “Valmarecchia” information:

  • Difficulty: medium E
  • Distance: about 11 km (7 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/-290 m (1,000 ft ca.)
  • Durata: 4 ore circa.

Ring hiking trail “Sant’Agata Feltria, crossroads of spirituality”

Another hiking route rich in history and spirituality is the hiking trail “Sant’Agata Feltria, crossroads of spirituality”. Here, many primitive tribes and spiritual places were present in the past. A ring trail linked to its ancient tradition and peculiar food culture.

Information about the trail “Sant’Agata Feltria, crossroads of spirituality”

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: 14,5 km (9 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/-650 m (2,000 ft)
  • Duration: 4 hours ca.
Percorso Trekking di Sant’Agata Feltria
Il fiume Marecchia attraversa il bellissimo entroterra e sfocia a Rimini

Hiking and tasting along the river Ariminus

If you want to discover the beauty of nature around Santarcangelo you can choose the tour “hiking and tasting along the Ariminus river”. An excursion on foot, among rivers and streams, hills and tree-lined paths, from Santarcangelo to Mutonia, an open-air museum with artworks made with recycled material.

After a brief visit to the camp, the tour starts again with an exciting “water hiking” in the bed of the Marecchia river, Ariminus in Latin, which gave its name to the city of Rimini, to discover the flora and fauna of this area.

Leaving the riverbed, you will reach the bank of the Uso river. After that, you can take a well-deserved rest in the splendid estate of Collina dei Poeti, surrounded by vineyards, secular trees, cypresses, and mulberry trees. The visit to the estate cannot but end with a tasting session and a picnic.

Information about the itinerary Hiking and tasting along the Ariminus river:

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: 10 km ca. (6 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 150m
  • Duration: about 3 hours

Natural reserve of Simone Park

Il Parco Simone e Simoncello
Il Parco Simone e Simoncello è una riserva naturale incontaminata

From Pennabilli, on the other hand, starts the ring hiking path inside Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park. In particular, “The Tonino Guerra Path and the little waterfalls of Canaiolo”.
The path starts from the historical center of Pennabilli, touching the “spiritual places” of the Romagna set designer and poet and goes on to the “childhood of the world”, that inlet between Mount Canale and Mount Carpegna, where the Messa stream originates.

Information about the route of Simone and Simoncello Park

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Distance: about 10 km (6 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 300 metri
  • Duration: about 4 hours and a half

Hiking in the Valconca among beautiful medieval villages, caves and extraordinary scenery

In the hinterland of the Valconca you can take part in the hiking tour “Montefiore by “. The starting point is in Montefiore Conca, one of the most fascinating villages of the hinterland of Rimini, which enjoys a unique view on the Riviera Romagnola and beyond. This hike, which starts at dusk, will show you the wild nature of the territory made of gentle slopes.

The tour starts from the foot of the ancient Malatesta walls of the unmistakable Rocca di Montefiore, with the light of the sunset, until we reach the night and the light of the starry sky.

Route information

  • Difficulty: easy-intermediate
  • Distance: about 6.5 km (4 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 350 meters (1100 ft)
  • Duration: about 2 hours and half

Evening excursions in the Marano Valley

There are also evening excursions in the Marano Valley, such as the “Night tour in Albereto”. A hiking experience immersed in the particular nature that gravitates around the small medieval nucleus of the Castle of Albereto. The route is also suitable for young explorers.

Marano Valley-Route information

  • Difficulty: easy-medium
  • Difference in height: +/- 460 m (1500 ft)
  • Duration: 2 hours ca.

Uffogliano, Saiano e Montetiffi hiking route

The historical-environmental narrative will not exclude the territories of Uffogliano, Saiano, Montetiffi, valuable jewels of Rimini’s hinterland, caskets of absolute beauty that are worth visiting and appreciating. Uffogliano with its important church and rectory complex, recently restored, and the ruins of its castle; Saiano and its hermitage dedicated to the Virgin Mary with a very ancient history; and finally Montetiffi, a tiny village known for its famous “pans” used to cook the piadina romagnola. These are ring routes suitable for all hiking enthusiasts.

The hinterland of Rimini is full of small villages to discover with hiking excursions from Rimini

Full of beauty is the hiking trail” Castle to Castle, Mondaino, and Cerreto compared”. The historic center of Mondaino is perched on the crest of the hill in a dominant position between the Conca, Tavollo, and Foglia valleys.
On this mountain between Romagna and Marche, deer once grazed, hence the name of the fortified village, a stronghold of the Malatesta Lordship, right on the border with the lands of their rivals Montefeltro, the Dukes of Urbino. Throughout the village, you can breathe the air of this past, and every year it relives in a beautiful historical reenactment called “Palio del Daino” (Palio of the Deer).

Borgo Medievale di Cerreto (Saludecio)
L’ingresso al Borgo Medievale di Cerreto (Saludecio)

Mondaino, Saludecio and Cerreto

A few kilometers from Mondaino, in the territory of Saludecio, an ancient 19th-century village, is the village of Cerreto, which still preserves evident traces of the fortified structures of the medieval period.
Immersed in a rural and natural landscape above the Ventena valley, the history of the village began around the 9th century AD and continued until the last decades of the 20th century when it gradually ended up being abandoned. Among the deserted alleys of the center, time seems to have stopped. Today the renovated houses are second homes for tourists.

Cerreto was once known as the “village of fools” because of the absurd behavior of its inhabitants. To honor the memory and the tradition of these characters who gave life to these strange stories, a few years ago an important carnival was organized, characterized by the bonfire of the clowns and by stories that recalled these bizarre anecdotes.

Information about the route Mondaino, Saludecio and Cerreto

  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Distance: about 15 km (9 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 500 m (1600 ft)
  • Duration: 5 hours and a half ca.
Grotte di Onferno
Alle grotte di Onferno si entra in un’emozionante avventura nel cuore della natura

In Gemmano, through the caves of Onferno, you will reach the center of the Earth.

Choosing the route of the “Caves of Onferno”, in the municipality of Gemmano, you could be influenced by the world of Dante Alighieri. Starting from the castle of the village of Onferno, you will be guided through the lush surrounding landscape of the natural reserve, until you will reach the dark caves, which are often identified in literature with the beginning of the descent into the Underworld.
It is no coincidence that the original name of Onferno, until the nineteenth century, was Inferno (Hell).

The peculiarity is the presence of selenite, which gives the karst system of caves very interesting characteristics. The caves are home to the most important colony of bats in the region.

At the end of the tour, you can decide whether to end the hike or to continue by closing the loop. In the second case, you start again walking uphill, until you reach the top of Ripa della Morte, from which you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views. Through enchanting hilly landscapes, you will return to Gemmano, also known as the “balcony of the Adriatic Sea”.
Don’t miss this excursion because it will truly be a day worth putting your alarm clock on Sunday!

Information about the excursion to the Caves of Onferno

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Distance: about 7.5 kilometers (4 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 300 m (1,000 ft ca.)
  • Duration: approximately 2 hours and a half

The wonderful natural park of San Bartolo and its dominant position

Trekking Rimini escursioni Rimini entroterra

In the summer, to experience fantastic places with the charm of the night, you can participate in the night hiking tour “Notturnando” at the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo, to discover its special charm, among paths and cliffs overlooking the sea.

An uncontaminated place where nature shows all its splendor, and where roe deer, badgers, dormice, foxes, birds, and other animals have found their habitat there. It is a remarkable archeological site with Neolithic findings and on the ancient Via Flaminia, with the port of Greek origin of Vallugola.
The hike departure is at dusk, it will take you along the paths surrounded by monumental trees, where you will sharpen your senses and feel the strong scent of the forest and, from afar, the sound of waves.

And if you want to discover this wonderful place together with your dog, “woof hiking” is the right thing for you!

Information about the excursion in the Regional Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo

  • Difficulty: easy-intermediate
  • Distance: about 8 km (5 miles)
  • Difference in height: +/- 320-350 m (900 ft)
  • Duration: around 2 hours and a half

Urban hiking tour in Rimini

In Rimini, a city with a thousand possibilities, you can also venture into urban hiking with the tour “Bizarre Presences in Rimini and the Surroundings”. The guided tour entitled “A healthy madness. Discovering the territory through its bizarre characters” is organized by Cristian Savioli.

It is a walk that, starting from the unique characters narrated by Federico Fellini in his films, will lead you to discover special people who have enlivened city life in the last century and even earlier.

Itinerary of urban hiking in Rimini

Tiberius Bridge, Borgo San Giuliano, Piazza Ferrari, Piazza Tre Martiri, Piazza Cavour, Piazzale Fellini and Grand Hotel, Castel Sismondo, canal port.

Per questo percorso è anche possibile prenotarsi online al seguente link:
You can book this hiking tour online at the following link: https://www.visitrimini.com/esperienze/308964-bizzarre-presenze-a-rimini-e-dintorni.