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Augustus Arch

The Arch of Augustus was erected by the Roman Senate in 27 BD. The Arch honours the figure and the politics of Cesare Ottaviano Augusto, starting from the inscription which praises him.
It’s located at the confluence of the Flaminian Way and the decumanus maximus. It’s one of two gates of the city. The other is Porta Montanara.
The whole structure, covered in Istrian stone, presents strong religious and propagandist characteristics: the opening of the door, so huge it could not be closed by panels, proclaims the peace (named Pax Augustea) obtained in 31BC with the death of Antonio in the battle of Azio.
Originally set into the stone city wall, whose remains are visible, the Archway was topped by an attico with the statue of the emperor on horseback or on a chariot.

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