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Fountain of the Four Sea-Horses

The Fountain of the Four Horses is located in Piazzale Fellini in an extraordinarily scenic spot, closing the perspective of Viale Principe Amedeo towards the sea. The murmur of its waters and the coolness of the park make it a favourite destination in all seasons and one of the most popular places to take photographs. Not a few, then, throw a coin into it as tradition dictates for the most important Italian fountains.

This fountain was created by a sculptor from Rimini, Filogenio Fabbri, and was unveiled on 29th June 1928. But its existence since then has not all been plain sailing.
The fountain was removed in 1954, following the Second World War. On that occasion, the large bath was demolished and the sea-horses transferred to other locations: three of them were relocated to Parco Marecchia and one to the adjoining land at the aqueduct. In 1983, after a long struggle, Umberto Bartolani and the sculptor’s daughter, Fausta Fabbri, managed to have the fountain restored to its original location.

The main bath is round and symbolizes the sea, from which four seahorses rise up. These snort water from their nostrils and support another bath on their heads, containing a central water jet which sprays water high into the air. On the base of the fountain, an plaque added in 1987 commemorates Ugo Stentori, who artfully restored the mountain and the main bath.

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