Rimini all year round

The Grand Hotel

The waterfront towards the harbour boasts the Grand Hotel, an Art-Nouveau building designed by Paolito Somazzi and inaugurated in 1908.
It is one of the favourite places in Fellini‘s imagination, as the Maestro’s own words demonstrate: ‘the Grand Hotel was a fairytale of wealth, luxury and oriental splendour… on summer evenings it became Istanbul, Baghdad, Hollywood… you could glimpse the naked backs of ladies who looked like gold… every now and then a fragrant breeze would bring syncopated melodies, so languid they would make you faint’.
In 1984 the Grand Hotel Rimini was recognised as a national monument and since 1994 it has been under the protection of the Superintendency of Fine Arts.
Inside there is still the room where Federico Fellini loved to stay.