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Meeting Federico Fellini

The sculpture by Krzysztof M. Bednarski (Cracow, 1953) Meeting Federico Fellini is located on the Lungofiume degli Artisti (Artists’ Promenade) in San Giuliano a Mare and was created in 1994 at the request of Tonino Guerra, Fellini’s poet and collaborator. Conceived on the principle of the sundial, every day, between noon and 2pm, the shadow cast on the sculpture’s white base takes on the contours of the great Rimini director’s profile, with his hat and fluttering scarf. At night, the shadow reappears thanks to artificial light.

Light works miracles, adding, erasing, reducing, enriching, blurring, emphasising, alluding, making the fantastic believable and acceptable (…) Film is written with light, style is expressed with light (Federico Fellini).

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