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San Giuliano’s Church

It was already a Bendectine Church, well-known in the 9th century.
In the 9th century, the church is part of a monastic complex originally dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul. Due to its privileged location, close to the Via Aemilia, the actually Borgo San Giuliano started to grow approximately in the 9th century.
It has an altar which was built by Paolo Veronese (1588) and a polyptych by Bittino da Faenza (1409) in the third chapel on the left.
The church also preserved Roman sarcophagus containing the remains of San Giuliano before being transferred, in 1910, placed in an urn under the main altar. According to tradition, the sarcophagus landed on the beach of Rimini from Dalmatia or from Cilicia.