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The Square of Dreams

The Square of Dreams (Piazza dei Sogni)  is the place that creates a true cultural hub and embraces, in a ring that is not only symbolic, the Fellini Museum, the Galli Theatre, the Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini – Museum of Contemporary Art and its historic garden that fades into the outdoor area of the Fellini Museum. As well as acting as a connective tissue, the square creates an intense and creative fil rouge between these buildings of extraordinary architectural and symbolic value.
At the basis of the creation of this square, dedicated to Federico Fellini, there is the desire for a functional and relational recovery of this place, with the creation of green areas, arenas for outdoor performances and artistic installations, also with a strong spectacular impact.

At the centre of the square, the golden, illuminated circus ring recalls the festive final round of the film 8 1/2, one of the highest hymns to life that cinema has ever imagined. Around the circular bench, which measures 17 metres in diameter, a series of luminous circles radiate, tightening the cultural centre into a single sign.

La Piazza dei Sogni del Fellini Museum