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Statue of Paul VI

The bronze statue, erected by the Municipality of Rimini as an act of gratitude to Pope Paul V (Camillo Borghese), was inaugurated in 1614 and occupies a place of honour in Piazza Cavour, in the historic centre.
Designed and planned by Nicola Cordier, a sculptor from Lorraine known as Franciosino, it was made in 1613 by Sebastiano Sebastiani, a sculptor and foundryman from Recanati, who oversaw its casting, while the elegant base was designed by Giovanni Arrigoni.
In 1797, the statue was dedicated to Saint Gaudentius, patron saint of Rimini; to avoid its demolition according to French regulations, the papal tiara was removed, replacing it with the bishop’s mitre as a headdress; the pastoral staff was placed in his left hand, while his right hand is posed for a blessing.
In 1936, the work was restored to its original state by remodelling and reshaping the headdress and the right hand.
During the restoration in 2003, some interesting and exceptional findings emerged:
– the foundry stamp on the Pope’s neck;
– the traces of gilding found in part of the brocade;
– the engraving on the tiara ‘A XVI E F’ indicating ‘year sixteen of the fascist era’;
– the casting technique and signs of the sculptors’ intervention;
– the extraordinary beauty and good state of preservation of the artefact.