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Galli Theatre

Galli Theatre (Teatro Galli) is located in Cavour Square, close to Castel Simondo. It stands on the short side of Piazza Cavour, in the direction of Castel Sismondo. Inaugurated in 1857 by Giuseppe Verdi who presented the new opera, “Aroldo”, specially composed to celebrate this new opening. The Theatre is dedicated to the musician Amintore Galli (1845-1919), a famous composer, known worldwide for his workers’ anthem with the text written by Filippo Turati.
Designed by the architect Luigi Poletti from Modena, the theatre is a typical Italian Theatre with some importants differences: the music hall has four orders and 23 stages each, which leads it to be one of the largest theatres in Italy.
The first order of boxes has double height and has Corinthian columns that support directly the balustrade of the gallery. Another peculiarity: the Theatre does not have the royal stage. The circular stairs of the Foyer, have been designed according to the needs of safety and comfort of the society of the time. The Theatre is recognized as one of the most significant examples of the neoclassical italian theatres of the nineteenth century.
On 28 December 1943, during an aerial bombardment, the building was severely damaged: the roof collapsed, but the music hall was not completely destroyed. Then the theatre was sacked by soldiers and inhabitants: furniture, chandeliers, everything was taken in order to use the materials to rebuild the houses destroyed by the war. In 1975, the forepart war restored, but it is only in 2018 that the Municipality of Rimini completes the impressive restoration activity and the Theatre is finally reopened to the public on 28 October 2018, 75 years later.
The curtain reopened on the extraordinary voice of Cecilia Bartoli, who presented her Cinderella in semi-scenic form, accompanied by Musiciens du Prince. The story of the girl who after a thousand vicissitudes becomes princess, almost to symbolize the renaissance of Rimini theater.
Today the theatre is the temple of the city’s music and prose. A rich program of events  makes it one of the most popular places of culture in Rimini.