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Vecchia Pescheria (the old fish market)

Coming from the Corso d’Augusto, on the left-hand side of Piazza Cavour, is the entrance to the Vecchia Pescheria (the old fish market). It is one of the most picturesque and characteristic places in the city, the work of the Rimini architect Giovan Francesco Buonamici dated 1747.

It takes the form of a loggia with two orders opened by three round arches; at the corners are four statuettes of dolphins with gushing water (the fountains used to clean the fish). Inside are long Istrian stone stalls, where women sold poveracce (clams): the signs of the numbered stalls are still visible.

Today, this area, together with the nearby Piazzetta San Gregorio, has become the centre of young people’s evening life, with bars, wine cellars and meeting places.