Rimini all year round


Avamposto dei Marinai Restaurant is near the magical Rimini Harbour. This is the place where Rimini’s tradition expresses its culture and sea flavours, together with inspirations coming from far away.

It is the meeting point of different cultures witnessed over the centuries by Avamposto. Within this fine architecture you will savour the taste of the encounter.

The lead character in our menu is the Adriatic Sea, both lunch and dinner you can taste our specialties: cono del marinaio, crispy fried fish, char grilled seafood skewers, delicious sea salads and authentic piadina (Italian flatbread) with seafood.

Don’t miss our signature aperitif served on our upper deck “Ponte Superiore”, with breathtaking views of the best sunset in Rimini.

We offer dine-in and take away service every day, both lunch and dinner. You can enjoy our fresh food wherever you prefer, including at the beach while watching the sunset, savoring the warm breeze and catching the last rays of sun on the Adriatic Sea.

Avamposto Restaurant is a delicious blend of fine dining and magical/breathtaking harbor views.

Open from early spring till the end of the summer.

Avamposto – Largo Ruggero Boscovich 2, Rimini – Tel. 345/6756189info@avampostorimini.it