Rimini all year round

Bistrot Due Come Noi

Good morning, I am Michele Mazzetti owner of the restaurant ‘Due Come Noi’.

Do you know what I do first thing in the morning for my restaurant? The shopping, yes the shopping for my restaurant, I choose quality km 0 products to guarantee my guests a complete and optimal experience and above all to enhance our territory with territorial products.
Our entire staff is happy to welcome you and accompany you in this culinary experience.

Our family has been part of the culinary tradition of Romagna for decades and for us the catch of the Adriatic Sea means love for simple things handed down from father to son.

We don’t try to convince you with culinary experiences but open the doors of our home to let you into our world, to the taste of fish stew and Risotto alla Marinara.

Bistrot Due Come Noi – Cosro d’Augusto 207, Rimini – Tel. 0541/25716bistrotduecomenoi@libero.it