Rimini all year round


Strampalato Park, where Taste becomes Smile.
A meeting between typical local food and wine and innovative recipes: at our location in Borgo San Giuliano in Rimini you can enjoy excellent meat and fish burgers, first courses, tasty fried food, piadinas, tasty salads, poké and some vegetarian and vegan dishes. At dinner we also bake our light pizza with a special dough made from ancient grain flours.
All this in a cosy environment with large indoor spaces, outdoor verandas and a garden surrounded by greenery overlooking the Tiberius Bridge. An experience to be shared, under the banner of light-heartedness and Romagna hospitality, quality raw materials and 0 km products.

You will find Fellini references at Strampalato Park in Borgo San Giuliano (open all year round) and a maritime atmosphere at Strampalato Beach on the Port of Rimini by lighthouse light (open from spring to late summer).

Taste becomes a smile at home, in the office, on the beach, in the park or wherever you prefer: we deliver to your home in Rimini and Take Away! You can also order through our App.

Strampalato Park – Viale Tiberio 6, Rimini – Tel. 0541/1417686chiedo@strampalato.it