Rimini is... BEAUTIFUL!
Rimini, an ever-changing city

Rimini is an ever-changing city. From the Rimini of ancient Rome to the Rimini of Malatesta Signoria, the Rimini of villages, and of Fellini, summer tourism, and nightlife. Rimini is an ever-changing city with a love of all things new, making it the perfect place for innovation and new encounters. In fact, you could say that the city’s true beauty lies in its openness. Rimini is a city open to and for everyone, without exceptions.

All you need to do is stroll through the lively streets of the old town or ride your bike along the canal port to feel its sparkling dynamism in the air you breathe and the personalities of the people you meet. In recent years, this dynamic city has seen the completion of a participatory urban regeneration plan that has radically and permanently innovated its streets.

Based on the principles of environmental sustainability and cultural promotion, this season of change has given life to a real urban revolution.

Today, Rimini presents itself to guests, or rather, to temporary citizens, as a newly renovated city with a splendid town square looking out onto the water under the Ponte di Tiberio. A city that is home to the Castel Sismondo, which has recently been restored to its ancient splendour, to the Teatro Galli, a small gem nestled between the city’s opera houses, the new Fulgor cinema, opened in memory of Fellini, and ambitious projects such as the Parco del Mare district, which boasts over ten kilometres of green space and well-being facilities overlooking the Adriatic.

Teatro Galli