Rimini is... BEAUTIFUL!
The Rimini you weren’t expecting

Not far from the shores of the Adriatic and just a few steps from the beach stands the city’s beautiful old town. This historic centre houses several architectural gems and is where you’ll come into contact with the city’s authentic energy.

Some areas of Rimini are almost exclusively frequented by the locals. It’s this Rimini that might surprise you. Take the indoor market (Mercato Centrale Coperto) for example, which is a lively and noisy city hub that is absolutely worth a visit. Wander between stalls selling stockfish, Mora Romagnola salami, fresh catches of the day, and ripe fruit and vegetables. You can spend hours poring over its offerings!

We also suggest a visit to the Vecchia Pescheria and Piazzetta delle Poveracce (an eighteenth-century town square adjacent to Piazza Cavour once used as a fish market) which transforms into one of the most lively and animated areas of Rimini from aperitivo hour until late at night and is packed with pubs, bars, and characteristic small wine bars.

A long walk from the Ponte di Tiberio to the end of the pier along the canal port is also a must.It’s an intriguing route that will take you past moored boats (which often have legendary names!) and graffiti, allowing you to soak in the smell of salt and the sea. This walk is unforgettable at sunset, when the fishing boats bob on the waters in a surreal warm light, ready to depart or return from duty.

This is just a quick overview of the Rimini that you might not expect. Sometimes all you need to do is explore the maze of streets leading to the waterfront or have a chat with a shop keeper or some elderly residents nattering away in local dialect on a bench in Piazza Cavour to make the most unusual and unexpected discoveries.