Rimini is famous for... the SEA!
Rimini, sun and sea

Rimini is its sea means many things: it means a splendid beach to enjoy in every season, the port with its fishing boats, the rituals and traditions of the sea, the Marina, the pier and the lighthouse that looks out to the horizon, sunsets that colour the waves….

t means that beloved, ancient presence that has always shaped and transformed the character of this city and that we call the Adriatic.

Rimini is its sea, then. A sea full of surprises, rich in life, fish and stories to listen to…


A sea to be enjoyed between sailing trips, sunset aperitifs or relaxing mini-cruises that will take you along the coastline to the promontory of Monte San Bartolo, with its cliffs plunging into the water and the bays of Gabicce Mare with Vallugola, Castel di Mezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara.

A sea to be enjoyed with a nice swim to the buoys, on a surfboard or by SUP o diving to discover old wrecks and an unexpected and truly surprising nature.