Rimini is... FELLINI!

Nothing is known, everything is imagined” Federico Fellini, The Voice of the Moon.

The new Fellini Museum in Rimini, a realm of dreams and imagination, contributes to the Maestro’s cultural legacy.

Rimini,is Fellini's home

Amarcord, Rimini!

There is no better way to describe Rimini’s connection with its legendary director.

Yes, because Federico Fellini was born on January 20, 1920, in Rimini. The great Federico, the brilliant filmmaker whose sly, amused, dreamy gaze is adored by everybody… In a word, Fellini-like, as he admitted in his famous comment about things, people, and the universe, “I never imagined I would become an adjective”.

And it is in Rimini that the Fellini Museum was founded, to honour the Maestro’s cultural heritage.

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