Rimini is... FUN!
Rimini by night

When the sun begins to set Rimini lights up with new life.

But before we devote ourselves to the magic of the evening, let us pause for a moment for the sunset, which is a collective ritual here. The rendezvous for the people of Rimini is in the harbour area: at the top of the palata (the pier),  on the rocks or at the San Giuliano dock, in one of the many bars around the Marina or in the chiringuitos on the beach….it is here that the spectacle of the sun colouring the sea and sky in all shades of red is awaited every day.

As dusk falls, lights gradually appear dotting the coastline, illuminating the big wheel, the waterfront, the old town, the hills around the city. The clubs, restaurants, bars and cantinas begin to fill up and go on until late at night. Arenas and open-air cinemas come alive, and for those who feel like dancing, there is no shortage of the right places, on the coast and in the hills, on the sand and on the dance floor.

Everyone will find the answer they are looking for to their desire for fun, whether you go from one club to the next until the early hours or you like a more relaxed atmosphere.

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