Rimini is... FUN!
Rimini, the city that never stops

If you are a sporty type, if you like open-air activities and you are always on the move, if you adore nature paths and open spaces made up only of sand, sea, sun and wind… well, having a real crush on this city is really in the order of things. Because Rimini is par excellence the city that never stops: summer or winter, spring or autumn, here the season is always right for cultivating sport and wellness.
In summer, the beach certainly attracts most of the attention of the more sporty with its expanse of well-equipped beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, or the many initiatives and experiences to be enjoyed a stone’s throw from the sea, such as the early morning sun salutation on the foreshore, or an evocative aperitif in a sailboat in the sparkling waters of the sunset, or even a snorkelling session to discover some mysterious shipwreck in the depths of the sea or the typical marine flora and fauna of the Adriatic.

wellness funzionale rimini

But Rimini is not only beach and not only summer, so the city organises many experiences and group sessions for many disciplines and sports all year round. For example, you can do capoeira or group yoga among the ancient stones of the Tiberius Bridge on the evocative Square on the water; you can enjoy an adrenalin-filled e-bike excursion through the hills among castles, wine cellars and remote villages; or you can even enjoy a functional session in one of the many completely free wellness areas dotting the entire Parco del Mare coastline; or finally, you can decide for a fun SUP, Surf or Kite session in any season!

You got it right: Rimini is made for those who never stop.
And here, for those who love to activate adrenalin and movement, you really are spoilt for choice.

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