Rimini is... FUN!
Rimini, what a history!

Have you ever had so much fun exploring the cultural beauties of a city? If so, then you are in Rimini.
Because in the end, the real particularity of the place is that in Rimini everything can be transformed into real fun. For example, the ancient opera house – the newly restored Teatro Galli – can also become the perfect location for a Sunday brunch in its foyer where to taste delicious local products, or the cinema museum with Federico Fellini’s masterpieces can become an interactive daydream.

Rimini will certainly amaze you with the continuous evidence of the past located next to trendy and modern buildings. Simply walking through the historical center what will strike you most will be this arrhythmic beat: one foot in the past and one in the future… so much so that stumbling into the ageless beauty, in Rimini, will be the rule for you.
Here you can experience everything as a great game to discover the history and culture of the city: from the evocative new Piazza dei Sogni (Square of Dreams) with light effects on the ground and artificial clouds of steam floating in front of the majestic Renaissance castle Castel Sismondo, to the remains of Roman Rimini, evidence of an ancient world to explore through interactive paths at the Visitor Center or in one of the many fun guided tours periodically organized.

La Piazza dei Sogni del Fellini Museum

Finally, in Rimini there are certainly two places that you cannot miss: the first one is the Fellini Museum, a truly immersive experience in the creative mind of the famous filmmaker Federico Fellini. Divided into several locations in the heart of the historic center (Castel Sismondo, Piazza dei Sogni, Fulgor Palace) is a continuum of multimedia installations, interactive games and insights into the life and works of the great movie director born in Rimini.
The second one is the PART Museum (Art Palaces of Rimini), an art museum located between the municipal palaces Palazzo dell’Arengo and Palazzo del Podestà that is also one of the most beautiful historical locations in Rimini (near the area of the nightlife, so at the end of the visit an aperitif at a wine baris a must). The museum hosts in its rooms the “San Patrignano Foundation’s Collection”: a collection of important and unique contemporary artworks. Do not forget to visit the outdoor section dedicated to environmental art in the charming back garden of the PART.

Rimini contemporanea