Rimini is... FUN!
Rimini, what a history!

In Rimini, everything is surprising and highly creative, even going to museums and discovering the history of the city. For example, a visit to the Galli Theatre can also become a Sunday brunch in its foyer, a fortress such as Castel Sismondo houses an interactive museum dedicated to the most visionary of directors, you can walk around observing a Roman domus from above, enter what was once a church and find a multimedia visitor centre, or you can enter what is still a church and has been frescoed by a street artist.

A car park has been transformed into a beautiful pedestrian plaza, with veils of water, clouds of steam and droplets, strange wrought-iron lanterns, stone flowers; not far away you can meet a rhinoceros inviting you to enter the Fulgor, two buildings from the 13th and 14th centuries have become the home of Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini‘s contemporary art collection.

Castel sismondo

The old fishermen’s village has become one of the trendiest places in the city, with its cafés, colourful houses and murals; from here you overlook the Tiberius Bridge, and a park that has become a Piazza sull’Acqua (Square on the Water), where events are held and sports are played out in front of two thousand years of history; from the Augustus Arch (27 BC) you can cross the green ray that takes you to one of the most modern congress halls in Europe.

On foot or by bike, on your own or with a guided tour: take a tour of the old town and you will find yourself in a kind of magic.

Rimini contemporanea