Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!

There’s a lot more than the sea and the city to explore in Rimini… the region is also home to some wonderful countryside boasting local traditions, history and nature, nestled between the Adriatic and the Apennines.

Rimini, what beautiful countryside!

This is a marvellous land that overlooks the sea but has behind it a world of history and poetry, enchanting villages and splendid landscapes, unique typicalities, places of art, fortresses and castles to discover.

On one side is the Marecchia Valley that descends to the sea from Sasso Simone and Simoncello through peaks, forests and rocky spurs on which fortresses with breathtaking views rise.

On the other is the Conca Valley that stretches across rolling hills and cultivated fields that smell of vines, olives and wheat, with stupendous views of the coast and picturesque fortified villages.

It is a plot of boundless and surprising beauty, whether you go to fortresses and castles to discover myths and legends, or whether you pursue typicality and a taste for wine cellars and farms, or whether you ride along ridges and paths on a bicycle or go trekking: the Rimini hinterland will always amaze you.

On the visitrimini.com website, you can purchase the Rimini Country Card, for discounted admission to places of art.

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