Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!
In Rimini, among Fortresses, Castles and Medieval Villages

Whether you choose to travel by car, bus or bike, the countryside surrounding Rimini is a real gem nestled between the Apennines and the Adriatic. It makes for a pleasant trip to a local fortress, castle or ancient village, so much so that it is a real slice of heaven for history buffs and those in search of mythical lands.

Have you ever heard of the ghost of Little Azzurrina, an albino girl trapped in Montebello Castle? Or Cagliostro, a famous alchemist locked up for life in the mighty fortress of San Leo? Or the legend of Sant’Igne, a monastery hidden in the forests of Montefeltro? Whether you’ve heard of them or not, if you are in Rimini, we highly recommend learning more about these local legends!


San Leo, Verucchio, Montebello, Mondaino, Montegridolfo, Montefiore, and Sant’Agata… from Valconca to Valmarecchia, the countryside surrounding Rimini is a real fairy tale. One that was once home to powerful leaders and their armies, ladies in love and later betrayed, and mighty sieges and battles. In fact, you can still hear the clash of spears and the neighing of steeds if you listen carefully.

But exploring the Rimini countryside is not just about wandering around ancient fortresses, castles and enchanting villages. Art lovers will also enjoy the balconies depicted by Piero and the sensational Renaissance views. Breath-taking landscapes are scattered across hilltops and valleys and offer an insight into the inspiration behind Piero della Francesca’s masterpieces. It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up!