Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!
Rimini: from the Sea to the Mountains by Bike

Cycling from the sea to the mountains… what could be more exciting?

Do you prefer a down-hill sprint? Or perhaps you’re a fan of adventurous off-piste mountain biking, on your way to visit mighty medieval fortresses and enjoy breath-taking hillside views? Or maybe you’d prefer a peaceful bike ride along the floor of the valley to Romanesque churches, ancient hidden villages, and farms ready to host you with all sorts of local delicacies? Sound nice? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

In fact, the countryside surrounding Rimini is very unique because you can cycle from the sea to the mountains by bike. Thanks to the abundance of cycling routes and trails, you can spend the whole day exploring the local area and making good use of your expertise, inclinations, and abilities.


So, whether you’ve brought your own bike along or would prefer to rent a pedal-assisted model, cycling through the Rimini countryside on two wheels is a great way to explore the charming nature and the history of this intriguing corner of Italy. This activity really is a must and is the perfect way to enjoy evocative landscapes and some pleasantly surprising natural scenery.

One particular example– worth a mention because it is within everyone’s reach –is the splendid cycle-pedestrian path running from Rimini to Valmarecchia and onto Pennabilli and beyond (for the more prepared). This route starts with a truly charming section at the tip of the old pier in San Giuliano Mare, before crossing the Ponte di Tiberio into the green heart of the valley, with its vineyards and olive trees, fortresses, and ancient monasteries that rise up as far as the eye can see, like crowns sitting a top the highest peaks. It’s a great route for people of all abilities in terms of distance, making it truly within everyone’ reach.


Always on the saddle, even on a motorcycle, to discover and experience this land.

This is the “Romagna de ‘mutor’” – as we say here. Along country roads and hill ridges surrounded by vines overlooking the sea, emotions and visions increase. For all motorcycle enthusiasts a visit to the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit and to the Simoncelli Museum in Coriano is a must. Not to miss the museum collection of the Museo Nazionale del Motociclo  (the Motorcycle Museum) with over 250 motorcycle specimens of 55 different brands, since 1993 in Rimini.

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