Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!
Valconca,Heading Inland from Rimini

Valconca is a valley on the outskirts of Rimini named after the River Conca, a thin body of water that snakes along the floor of a quiet valley surrounded by rolling hills home to charming villages such as Gemmano, Mondaino, Morciano, Montecolombo, Montefiore, Montegridolfo, Saludecio, San Clemente and San Giovanni in Marignano on the plains.

Bordering Romagna and Marche (and the Montefeltro and Malatesta lordships in historic times), Valconca is a treasure trove of local landscapes and produce that deserves a proper visit if you can spare the time.

Its beauty lies in castles such as Montegridolfo and Montefiore, which are dotted throughout the land and are perfectly preserved. Its charm lies in its hillside roads, which offer the perfect opportunity for some hiking or cycling in the company of breath-taking “sea views”.

It is a predominantly agricultural valley. Perhaps unsurprisingly, San Giovanni in Marignano – a splendid medieval village, otherwise known as the door to Valconca – was once known as the breadbasket of Malatesta. And if you’re fond of long walks through the fields and along countryside roads,or perhaps a spot of off-piste mountain biking, this is the place for you!

In addition to its history and landscapes, Valconca is also home to a natural phenomenon that cave lovers simply have to visit: the Onferno Nature Reserve and Caves. The karst area of Onferno is considered one of the most important chalk caves in Italy. Dug into the rock face by a stream over the course of millennia, these caves open at the base of a large chalky boulder on which the Castrum Inferni once stood, and offer some truly spectacular views.