Rimini is home to some… INCREDIBLE COUNTRYSIDE!
Valconca, heading inland from Rimini

The Conca Valley is the valley that takes its name from the Conca River, which flows through gently rolling hills on top of which are picturesque villages: Gemmano, Mondaino, Montecolombo, Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, Saludecio, San Clemente and, further down the plain, Morciano and San Giovanni in Marignano.
A borderland between Romagna and Le Marche (and in ancient times between the Montefeltro and the Malatesta Seignory), it is a treasure trove of scenic beauty and typical features that deserves more than a visit.

Its beauty lies in its many perfectly preserved fortresses and castles, such as those at Montegridolfo or Montefiore Conca.
But contributing to its charm are the ridge roads, also perfect for walks or bicycle excursions, which often offer stupendous views of the sea.

This is a valley with a mainly agricultural vocation. San Giovanni in Marignano is a splendid late-medieval rural village that in antiquity was also known as the granary of the Malatesta family because of the numerous pits dug for this purpose that can be found along the promenade, which is particularly pleasant in the evening to stop for dinner and enjoy the atmosphere in one of the many small restaurants or in an osteria.

Not far away is the imposing fortress of Montefiore, from where you can admire an incredible panorama that reaches as far as the sea, and the beautiful villages of Mondaino, with its unusual semicircular square, the scene of the Palio del Daino (every year in mid-August, not to be missed for its accurate historical reconstruction), and Saludecio, which has a particularly characteristic old town centre thanks to the many murals that colour the façades of the houses.

In addition to its historical and scenic beauties, the Conca Valley also preserves a jewel that is a must-visit for all lovers of speleology: the Onferno Nature Reserve and Caves – from 2023 Unesco World Heritage Site – , a karstic complex considered to be one of the most important chalk caves in Italy. Carved into the rock by a torrent over thousands of years, these caves open at the base of the large and unique chalk boulder on which the ‘Castrum Inferni’ once stood, offering unique and rare scenery and suggestions.

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