Rimini what... FLAVOUR!
Rimini and Its Award-Winning Local Produce

Rimini is a rich and diverse region. Alongside its marvelous landscapes and architecture, you’ll find several authentic local delicacies. In this region, you can embrace the sea and the mountains, the hills and the open plains. And a great number of local Riminese products owe their brilliance to the region’s biodiversity, including piade, DOC wines, extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Romagna, and mackerel, sardines and anchovies, all of which are authentic regional delicacies.

The piada certainly needs no introduction and is one of the most popular street foods in Italy. That being said, you might be unaware that practically everyone in Rimini has their own take on the piadina. No two piade are the same, and even if it comes down to the smallest details, everyone has their own preferred toppings and cooking method. You’re bound to stumble across a takeaway piadineria in Rimini (as there are so many) and we recommend trying as many different fillings as your stomach will allow!

Riminese wines have grown in quality and importance over the years and one of the region’s most famous red labels is the Sangiovese, which gets its name from “Sanguis Jovis” or “Blood of Jupiter”.This was the name given to a type of wine produced on a hill dedicated to Jupiter overlooking Santarcangelo di Romagna, a delightful village just a few kilometres from Rimini. And let’s not forget the city’s famous white wine labels, including Rebola dei Colli di Rimini, a local wine with a delicate fruity aroma and a dry flavour, making it the perfect choice fora meat or fish dish, as well as an excellent wine to be enjoyed by the glass during aperitivo hour.

A third local delicacy is what we like to call “liquid gold”. We’re talking about DOP extra virgin olive oil made on the Romagna hills. Despite its name, this olive oil is almost exclusively produced at olive mills in the province of Rimini. Offering a slight tingle and the perfect aroma, it’s an essential ingredient that elevates the flavours of authentic Rimini dishes, and you’ll always find it on the table at the best restaurants and eateries in the area.

Last but not least, we’ll bring this very brief round up of the best local produce in Rimini to a close by travelling from land to the sea, with mackerel, sardines and anchovies. Typically found in the sandy, shallow sea beds in the upper Adriatic, these three species of fish are small-to-medium in size and are incredibly flavoursome. They’re also easy to digest and are delicious when barbecued (known locally as rustida) or marinated (especially sardines) and enjoyed on a slice of piada.

Piade, wine, extra virgin olive oil and delicious fish dishes are just some of the local produce that makes Rimini and its penchant for good food so famous. The city is also home to four Michelin-starred restaurants serving local delicacies, including Guido and Abocar Due Cucine in Rimini, Piastrino in Pennabilli and Il Povero Diavolo in Poggio Torriana, which are all great places to sample Rimini’s famous flavours.