A Weekend in Rimini, during Spring

People always say that Rimini is at its most beautiful during springtime. Nature emerges from hibernation, the days get longer, and the sun starts to shine.Spring is when people start heading to the beach every Sunday, the kiosks open, the lifeguards reappear, and the promenades are filled with people having an evening stroll. Lunch is often enjoyed on the beach or in the hills.

Spring is the time to reconnect with nature, the sea, and the hills, which are just a few kilometres away from the city and boast beautiful scenery that we recommend exploring on foot or by bike. Among other things, spring in Rimini usually begins with the popular Giardini d’autore event, which sees prestigious landscapers transform picturesque city locations (such as the Castel Sismondo, Piazzale Fellini and the Ponte di Tiberio) into green settings filled with gorgeous plants, trees, and flowers.

Rimini Primavera, i borghi

The spring weather promises long, glorious days of sunshine, making it the perfect season for a trip to the parks shoring up the city. One park that’s definitely worth a visit is Marecchia Park, which starts at the foot of the Ponte di Tiberio and overlooks the charming Piazza sull’Acqua and its body of water and beautiful shrubbery, making it the perfect spot to relax with a good book or to marvel at the ancient Roman bridge made from Istrian stone.

Last but not least, spring evenings in Rimini are truly unbeatable, and the first few days of warmth after a long winter make them feel extra special. Aperitivo hour during spring time is when the piazzas and streets – especially in the old town and the four surroundings village neighbourhoods – come to life with tables animated by DJ sets, small concerts, and a general feeling of fun.


Rimini primavera, la piazza sull'acqua