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Rimini is a city with a thousand facets: it is sea, it is land, it is fun, it is history, it is taste, it is culture. So a week in Rimini – in the beating heart of the Italian summer – can be (and indeed is) all these things together. This section, therefore, contains only some cues and suggestions. After all there are many experiences and travel ideas suggested in the portal and they would all be to try being able to spend at least seven days in the city where – as Fellini said – everything is imagined.

First of all, to live a week as a true Rimini, two tips on all: the first is to use the means of transport that par excellence in Rimini is used especially in the summer, or the bike (in this site are suggested rental points for bikes and e-bikes – otherwise as an excellent alternative we recommend the 7-day Smartpass for public transport); the second is clearly to use the Rimini Style Card for all your shopping opportunities, the card in fact, in addition to proposing a series of discounts and offers, is really a journey through the most historic and identifying activities of the city.

Una settimana da Riminese, l'etroterra

The third tip is to build your own original routine of travel and stay, accepting one of the great qualities of Rimini: the fact of being a city where everything and the opposite of everything coexists seamlessly and without fractures. Here, then, that every day a visit to the PART rather than the treasures of the Renaissance, a tour of Fellini rather than a full immersion in the Roman Rimini can live with a relaxing swim at the sea, a snorkeling session, a morning lesson of outdoor movement by Fluxo or yoga ashore, a sailing boat trip, a day at the spa or an e-bike excursion through the hills between wineries, wine tasting and extra virgin oils.

A fourth tip is this: having the opportunity to enjoy the city and its wonderful land more calmly, allow yourself time to go to the discovery of a truly unique and rich in history. In other words, a week in Rimini cannot fail to discover the two picturesque valleys that surround it: Valmarecchia and Valconca. Among castles, fortresses, typical and ancient flavors will be a real journey in the journey where the suggestion is to use the Country Card Full to get facilities and advantages such as the entrance to the majestic Rocca di San Leo, the Museo Villanoviano in Verucchio, to the enchanted Rocca di Montefiore and much more.

Finally, in this quick and incomplete roundup, your week in Rimini will be enriched with many other unforgettable emotions as a romantic picnic on the edge of the new Piazza sull’Acqua, a night urban trekking through the city, a day in one of the many theme parks with the whole family, a cooking class to learn the many secrets of a fine culinary tradition or simply a fun ride on board one of the characteristic rickshaws that represent one of the icons of the Rimini summer.

Rimini, one week: Travel ideas and experiences
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