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Rimini, three days

Three days of summer vacation is a gift that many choose to make and it is also a reasonable time to get to the heart of the Dolce Vita City. In fact, whether you have chosen to come to Rimini alone for a moment of break and relaxation, whether you have chosen this city for a short romantic stay with your partner, finally whether you come with the whole family, three days in Rimini will certainly leave their mark.

First of all, the first advice is certainly to move to Rimini with the means most used by all Rimini in the summer: the bicycle. It is possible to rent it, in fact, in different parts of the city and it should be said that Rimini is equipped with an excellent system of cycle paths (Bicipolitana), parks and cycle routes that allow you to travel on two wheels and safely (valid alternative to the bike are obviously public transport buying the convenient smart-pass from 3 days).


Tre giorni a Rimini, in bicicletta in città sulla Bicipolitana

So choosing the means that will make you more able to move in total freedom, the second suggestion is to plan the holiday to understand Rimini in the round: sea, history and typicality.

So, you could dedicate the first day entirely to the sea and the beach. How? It’s easy to say: you could start with a morning yoga session, muscle awakening or a fluxo lesson on the shore, you could then continue with a pleasant breakfast overlooking the sea to indulge yourself, then, to a relaxing morning spent pleasantly between a chat on the sunbed, a rejuvenating bath and a walk on the undertow. At lunchtime of course the inevitable piadina (maybe savoured right under the umbrella), then an afternoon of swimming and games at the various beach sports or – why not? – by chartering a sailboat on the high seas. Finally in the evening, icing on the cake, a nice fish dinner in one of the restaurants suggested in the Rimini Style Card but not before – clearly – being granted an aperitif in one of the suggestive chiringuitos that dot the shore.

On the second day you could dedicate it to the discovery of the most historic and small town of Rimini. Departure early in the morning, then, with a visit to one of the most authentic places in the city: the covered market (Mercato Centrale Coperto). Then a walk in the shopping streets following the advice of the Rimini Style Card, but also touching the main monuments of Roman and Renaissance in the city such as the Malatesta Temple and the Arch of Augustus. For lunch we recommend a stop in one of the picturesque taverns open in the historic centre and then enjoy an afternoon to discover the artistic treasures of the PART, rather than the Urban Art or a bike tour in Rimini of Fellini. Finally, in the evening, to complete this more urban day, it is a must to indulge in a dinner based on typical products and excellent local wine in one of the many restaurants that liven up the summer nights of the historic villages.

Finally, on the third and last day, it is recommended to dedicate it to the discovery of the wonderful land that surrounds the city of Rimini from the Apennines to the sea. Choose to compose the day as you want, the important thing is to start riding your bike, by car or public transport, for an exciting tour to discover the Valmarecchia and/ or Valconca with their flavours, their wines, their extra virgin oils, their rocks and their evocative views!

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