Rimini Wedding Destination!
Dream locations for your wedding in Rimini

Your romantic “yes” in front of the blue waves of the Adriatic!

(where: Boscovich Square – Rimini Marina Centro)

The Wedding House, located between Fellini’s “palata” (as Rimini’s inhabitants refer to the canal port’s last section) and Rimini’s most central beaches, is an appealing and romantic venue for a ceremony a step away from the sea, surrounded by the scent of the waves and the sound of the undertow. The Wedding House in Largo Boscovich is situated on the beach and the platform where the ceremony takes place is charmingly arranged with a set of white sails, swayed by the mild Adriatic breeze. The ideal location for those who want to celebrate such a special moment in a setting that is suspended between sky, sea and earth.

A simply perfect wedding!

(where: RiminiTerme)

The beach in RiminiTerme is suitable for those who want to feel the thrill of a wedding by the sea and close to nature. A magnificent tent located on the sand shelters friends and family for a wonderful ceremony supported by all of RiminiTerme’s services and facilities.


Your elegant five-star wedding!

(where: Federico Fellini Park – Rimini Marina Centro)

The Grand Hotel in Rimini, with its Art Nouveau and glamorous atmosphere, is ready for you to spend the most beautiful day of your life in one of the most felliniesque and exquisite venues in Rimini and on the Adriatic Coast. As a prestigious icon of the Belle Époque, it is located in the central park dedicated to Federico Fellini, overlooking the lively beachfront, where you can make your romantic dream come true in the magnificent garden or in its unique indoor rooms.

An exclusive fairytale ceremony!

(where: Cavour Square – Rimini Old Town)

A place of extraordinary charm, inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi in 1857 and inaccessible for decades, returns to its splendour. A location able to connect the past with the future. Wonderful, newly restored rooms and prestigious nineteenth-century settings become the perfect scenario for a truly exclusive ceremony and reception. The wedding celebration takes place in the beautiful neoclassical exterior gallery of the Ressi Room on the first floor, while the large, striking windows overlooking the city will provide the perfect background for your reception at the Grifone Bar.

Your dream wedding, just like in a Fellini movie!

(where: Malatesta Square – Rimini Old Town).

In the castle that was the treasure chest of splendour of the court of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta (lord of Rimini from 1432 to 1468) and in the place of his eternal love for Isotta degli Atti, the city of Rimini offers you a rare and unique location. Home to one of the most visionary points of the Fellini Museum and overlooking the enchanting Dreams Square, Sismondo Castle is the right place for those who want to add passion, history and a touch of magic to their wedding

Your special day in an Art Nouveau setting in Marina Centro!

(Where: Federico Fellini Park, 3, Marina Centro – Rimini)

Rimini’s Tourism Palace is ready to greet you in a room with a wonderfully vintage ambience, in the heart of Marina Centro, overlooking the spectacular Federico Fellini Park, in front of the elegant Four Horses Fountain, a stone’s throw from the sea and the old town.

Your wedding as a fresco between history and culture!

(where: Lapidarium, former Sala del Giudizio, Sala Arazzi – Rimini Old Town)

The City Museum opens its doors to weddings in three different locations: the former Sala del Giudizio (Hall of Judgement), which houses masterpieces by the fourteenth-century Rimini Painting School, the Sala degli Arazzi (Tapestry Room), which houses valuable ancient fabrics and the inner garden, where you can find the Roman Lapidarium, storing stone inscriptions and architectural elements from the Roman period and providing a romantic setting as an alternative to the inner halls.


Your “yes”, surrounded by art!

(where: Cavour Square – Rimini Old Town)

Two historical palaces in the ancient heart of the city, restored to their architectural splendour, are home to the Universal Judgement by Giovanni da Rimini, a rare fresco dating back to the 14th century and an extraordinary collection of contemporary art. The eclectic and refined location is the ideal setting for those who want to turn their wedding into a true work of art.


An Oscar-worthy Wedding!

(where: Corso D’Augusto – Rimini Old Town)

The Fulgor Cinema, built in 1914 and developed within an Art Nouveau structure at number 162 of Corso D’Augusto in Rimini, encloses all the indications of the Maestro – five Academy Awards winner – Federico Fellini. On the ground level, the newly renovated Federico and Giulietta theatres follow the Hollywood aesthetic of the 1930s, a decision taken by the set designer Dante Ferretti, Fellini’s colleague and close friend, who won three Oscars. The deeply evocative ambience, the uniqueness of the furniture, and the breathtaking play of light are all set to turn your wedding into an Oscar-worthy event!



Your prestigious wedding in a villa, among gentle hills with a sea view!

(where: San Lorenzo in Correggiano – Rimini)

The Des Vergers Villa is a rich and majestic neoclassical mansion, one of the few examples of French architecture from the period of Napoleon III in Rimini. The exclusive charm and elegance of the rooms combined with the historical grandeur of this structure make it the ideal setting for an important and prestigious wedding ceremony and reception.



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