Say Rimini and SMILE!

Safe holiday


Rimini is ready to welcome you with its usual smile and all the safety you need to guarantee the holiday you want, whether it be super active or totally relaxing. Safety is guaranteed first and foremost by the open spaces available to citizens and tourists: wide sandy beaches where you can stay until the evening, cycle paths that take you from the sea to the hills, outdoor tables provided by bars and restaurants for your romantic dinners, outdoor events for a touch of culture and fun. All this is accompanied by the constant focus on safety by all the tourist operator, who are scrupulous in following health protocols.

From Europe without quarantine

Since 1st July, European citizens can enter Italy with the Green Pass without the obligation of quarantine.
To obtain a Green Pass you must:

  • have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease,
  • have obtained a negative result to the rapid molecular or antigenic test in the previous 48 hours,
  • have recovered from Sars-CoV-2 infection for no more than six months.

Emilia Romagna is a white zone.
Movements between Regions or Autonomous Provinces in yellow or white zones are allowed.

From 6th August, the Green Pass will also be required for Italian citizens to enter:

  • indoor restaurants and bars
  • museums, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, live clubs, galleries, libraries and other cultural places
  • indoor swimming pools, wellness centres and gyms for indoor activities only
  • spas, theme, adventure and amusement parks
  • public shows, competitions and sporting events
  • festivals and fairs

On the beach with a smile!

Also for this season in Rimini you have plenty of space on the beach. Only a small part complies with the 12 square metres of shade provided for by the regional ordinance, while in most cases the space available increases to 15 or even 18 square metres in the northern area of the city.

In the period from 29 May to 12 September, you can stay on the beach until 10 p.m. and use the beach facilities and you can have your dinner delivered directly to the beach by establishments, restaurants, and craft workshops to order until the same time.

To ensure a clean sea and a welcoming beach, the plastic free campaign continues: you can only use paper cups and disposable compostable material or plastic cups that are washable in the dishwasher and reusable. Environmental protection combined with the promotion of health are the basis of the reconfirmation of the ban on smoking on the shoreline, introduced from the 2019 season.

Also in the period between 29 May and 12 September, the lighting systems remain switched on from dusk to dawn, at the same times as public lighting.

Outdoor tables are more attractive

In Rimini you will find hundreds of wine bars, pubs and restaurants with wide open spaces where you can enjoy delicacies under the open sky, thanks also to the Rimini Openspace project, which encourages the extension of outdoor areas with tables, to the benefit of your health.

Hotels know how to protect you

Your wellbeing, which today means safety and health, is at the top of the agenda of Rimini’s hotels, to guarantee everyone a holiday in absolute tranquillity! The protocols are well known and applied in the accommodation structures, which already last year learned how to protect you.

We need your collaboration!

And finally, we ask you to help us take care of you and your loved ones. Follow these few simple tips:

  • wash and sanitise your hands often using the sanitising gels you will find in all public places
  • keep a safe distance from people who are not members of your family and respect queues patiently
  • if possible, book all holiday services in advance
  • do not go out if you have flu-like symptoms or if you have a fever (above 37.5 °C) or if you live with people who have symptoms that can be attributed to Covid-19
  • if you think you have been infected, do not go to the hospital: call the doctor or inform the manager of the accommodation where you are staying
  • download the ‘Immuni’ app

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