Rimini all year round

Springtime in Rimini

When the days get longer and the sun starts to warm the temperature: this is the perfect time to be outdoors. Rimini is the best destination to have a break. Here you can find sea, equipped beaches, culture, good food and theme parks!
A relaxing walk along the shoreline and the sound of the sea waves makes you feel like you are on holiday. The new Parco del Mare with its kilometres of cycle path is the ideal place for a leisurely bike ride or a safe rollerblade ride!The bars and restaurants on the beach reopen, and you can enjoy a breakfast or apéritif overlooking the sea, fresh seafood dishes and seasonal local products.
The coast offers different opportunities for children: you cannot miss the theme parks and the playgrounds along the Parco del Mare. They will have fun between swings and inclusive slides because Rimini is a city for everyone!

Rimini primavera, giardini d'autore

Rimini: art city  

Spring is the ideal season to visit the art cities and Rimini offers a renovated old town, where the charm of the past blends harmoniously with modernity.
You can choose one of our city tour to discover the interesting history of Rimini, between the most important monuments and the hidden treasures.
Art in Rimini is discovered with the city’s museum, which reopens in spring with its new layout. Moreover, the Biennale del Disegno returns in April. The exhibition now in its fourth edition has the theme of “Journey”.
The stunning Castel Simondo houses the Fellini Museum, an interactive museum centre, a true journey into the creative mind of the Rimini director.Rimini Art Card is a special ticket with a special price that allows you to visit all the Rimini museums.
You cannot miss Borgo San Giuliano: its murals tell the story of Fellini’s films and tell the story of the city and the personalities of Rimini through street art.

Unmissable day trips

Spring also means picnic, trekking and nature. Discover the Conca and Marecchia Valleys, which with their castles and mediaeval villages dominate the entire coastline from above. Every village jealously preserves its own history, with its centuries-old traditions and legends. Definitely, choosing the destination of your excursion will not be easy.

Marecchia Valley is also known for its authentic nature, flourishing forests, vineyards and olive tree groves. Organised excursions allow visitors to explore this natural beauty and discover hidden waterfalls, water springs and wildlife.

When we talk about nature, we cannot think about the Onferno Caves, a Unesco World Heritage site. So become an explorer for one day, wear comfortable clothes and explore nature.

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