Say Rimini and SMILE!


Biberius is a loving homage to Rimini’s ancient Tiberius Bridge, one of the city’s most recognised icons, whose towering arches are mirrored in the lovely Square on the Water Marecchia, only a few steps away from our friendly wine shop. Emperor Augustus began the construction of the bridge, but it was completed by his successor, Tiberius, who gave the bridge his name. Not everyone knows that Emperor Tiberius was also known as… Biberius as a young man,  due to his well-known fondness for alcohol. However, there is much more, since a wine shop is like a bridge for us at Biberius: it brings people together! And the Tiberius Bridge in Rimini “unites” Valmarecchia and its goods with those of the Adriatic and those of the Romagna with those of Emilia, with its distinctive way of excellence in the world. Biberius offers a constantly changing selection of well selected wines to suit every palate, occasion and time of the day. Biberius is more than a wine shop: it’s a gathering spot full of memories, tales, life experiences and contagious happy laughter. A great spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a moment, surrounded by the colours and fragrances of the beautiful Borgo San Giuliano. Sitting outside, viewing the alleyways and the gorgeous paintings devoted to the great Fellini, you quickly feel at home, as if you were always there and you would never want to leave.

Via degli Ortaggi 12. Rimini Borgo San Giuliano. Tel. +39 0541 718880
Rimini Style Card: menù “biberius” at a special price for holders.