Rimini all year round

Caffè Pascucci Shop

A Cafeteria where you can sample great artisan blends of coffee, teas, herbal teas, aperitifs, desserts, salads, cold meals and piadina, which has been open for 20 years by the Pascucci roasting firm (which has always been a reality of excellent quality intimately tied to the territory). Caffè Pascucci Shop offers direct sales of Coffee in Grains and Fresh Ground Coffee, Compatible Pods and Capsules, Coffee Makers, and the great desired Pascucci Merchandising, in the heart of Marina Centro, between the shopping avenue and the beachfront.

Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 3 Rimini marina centro. Tel:+393382827727

Rimini Style Card : 10% discount on the lunch break; minimum cost of € 25.00 for 250 gr.

Pascucci caffè