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Lella al Mare

Wherever you go in Romagna, you’ll discover different piadina. From Cesena to Cattolica, they’re all different, but the original Rimini version is the one of “Della Lella”. The recipe is that of tradition, but in addition to the classic fillings, whose origins are lost over time among the ancient recipes handed down from “adzora” (the typical housewife from Romagna) to “azdora”, it is possible to taste very original and delicious fillings for all tastes. This is the secret that has allowed Piada della Lella to become a real legend among the Rimini people, over the years, and beyond! Well … in Rimini if ​​you say piada, you say Lella. The “Lella al mare” is located in the heart of Marina Centro, a stone’s throw from the new Parco del Mare (Seapark) and the panoramic Belvedere of Marina Centro. The outdoor space includes the garden, a small shelter in the hottest summer days, where you can peacefully enjoy your favorite piadina.

Piazzale John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 2 Rimini Marina Centro. Tel:+390541673576

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