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Libreria Riminese

With its over 120 square metres of interior space literally overflowing with books of all ages, types and sizes neatly arranged on its elegant walnut shelves and tables, the Libreria Riminese has been a place of pilgrimage for all the book-loving and well-read Rimini residents for almost a century. As soon as you enter the bookshop, the first thing you notice immediately is the passion and care that Mirco, the owner, has for books and in particular for antique, modern, hard-to-find or out-of-print books. In fact, at Libreria Riminese you can find a rich and articulated selection of books and essays that embrace the whole range of human knowledge: Italian and foreign novels, poetry, classics, theatre, art, architecture, photography, fashion and design, psychology and social sciences, gastronomy, health and wellness, tourism and guides, history and philosophy, religion, esotericism, politics and current affairs, illustration and comics. There is also a well-stocked section dedicated to children and young people, although the real pride and joy of the Libreria Riminese is its well-stocked collection of volumes on local history and culture, including many rarities, “out-of-print” volumes and collectors’ items.

Piazzetta Gregorio da Rimini. Rimini Historic Centre. Tel. +39 0541 26471

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