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Osteria Tiresia

Hostess Tiresia, owner of the tavern in Borgo S. Giovanni, now XX Settembre Street, is the female protagonist of one of the most popular Rimini dialect comedies: “Stal mami” (These mothers) by Liliano Faenza. So it seemed natural and right to the owners of this charming restaurant in the heart of Borgo San Giovanni, not far from the monumental Arch of Augustus, to pay homage to the author by choosing the name of the protagonist. The Tiresia tavern is a place where time has really stopped, preserving the typical aromas and flavours of the past. Here, it is still possible to find and taste traditional dishes, made according to original recipes, particularly suitable for those who want to rediscover the true taste of Romagna. From piadina with salami to cappelletti, up to carefully selected and top quality meats, accompanied by carefully chosen local wines. You will instantly feel at home when you arrive: you will be greeted by the two Balzani brothers, the tavern’s managers, who will join you on a true culinary journey, together with their parents, who are also working with stoves and dishes, and one highly skilled staff to assist the family. The historic fireplace and pleasant ambiance will keep you warm during the winter evenings, while the sunny and green garden, an unexpected and pleasantly inviting setting just a few feet from the city centre, will make your dinners unforgettable in this time of year.

Via XX settembre 1870, 41. Rimini Borgo San Giovanni Tel. +39 0541 781896
Rimini Style Card: a Special “Rimini” menu € 25 min 2 people