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Piada & Cassoni Dalla Lella Covignano

Every town in Romagna has its own version of the piadina, but the original piada from Rimini and for the Rimini people is the one of Della Lella. At the piadineria in Covignano Street, the owner is Marina, who has made this shop a trendy place. The furnishings and the environment are reminiscent of New York delis – where Lella also opened the “Lella Alimentari” point, run by her son Massimiliano – but the products used and served are all strictly zero-kilometres. The piadina is traditional, prepared according to the recipe of Lella. In Covignano Street, there is also a wide selection of delicious products: ready sauces, mustards, savours, homemade cakes and biscuits, wine and craft beer from the best local producers. In Rimini, if you say piada, you say Lella.

Via Covignano, 96 Rimini

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