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Ristorante Dallo Zio

Just a stone’s throw from the Arch of Augustus is a place that seems to have stopped time. Here you can rediscover the gastronomic traditions of the most intimate Rimini, the one enclosed within the embrace of its ancient walls; here you can rediscover the ancient flavours that enveloped the cookers and the rooms in the old kitchens of the city.
In fact, Ristorante dallo Zio offers typical local fish and meat dishes in an environment whose atmosphere and furnishings make guests relive the legendary Rimini of the 1960s. Like the warm and intense colours of the walls, among which the red ones overlooking Vicolo Santa Chiara stand out. Or like the furnishings that maintain the appearance of the past: an atmosphere that welcomes but with reserve, balanced and elegant.
The old house that now comes alive every day with the frenetic and enthralling bustle of customers, food and inviting aromas that spread from the cooker to the surrounding streets, was once a nineteenth-century house, whose domestic life still speaks to us of the picturesque windows always open to the alley, the three rooms, divided on two floors, or the grit floors, so typical of the time.
The cuisine of “The Uncle” proposes a meticulous selection of raw materials, especially local ones (the fish, the Mora Romagnola, the Chianina meat…) following the seasonality and the rhythms of local activities such as fishing.
The menu offers meat and fish options.
Here, within these ancient walls where the most genuine and sincere past never seems to have abandoned them, tradition and innovation come together at the table, in the name of authenticity: from raw fish, served au naturel to enhance its flavour, to handmade stuffed pasta.
A rich, authentic menu, almost like a poem, including piadina, tagliatelle, the not-to-be-missed crustaceans au gratin, risotto alla Vedova, passatelli in fish broth, kebabs, au gratin and traditional desserts.

Via Santa Chiara, 16. Rimini Borgo San Giovanni. Tel. +39 0541 786747
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